Trailers for Upcoming Games

Trailer Thursday what are you talking about well we had two awesome reviews of the transistor and saved me. Tucker that we thought it would change this week to trailer Thursday hope you all had a great Halloween gonna take you through three awesome trailers for switch games releasing very soon if you know those guys that switch watch then you’ll know that we’re massive fans of games often review

The classic arcade titles while want general it does the modern stuff, in fact, he recently reviewed Blackburn which I highly recommend you checking out here we have another unusual shooter coming straight from the east aster breed Astor brood is a hybrid shooter promises to seamlessly transition between horizontal vertical sections and even on Rails shooter sections lie against Starfox or sin and punishment it also be fairly cinematic and a complete attack on the senses with bullets flying all over the place locking on to dozens of targets and also using your good old melee attack you charge through the arena of battle in your mech suit as you try to save humanity from an alien race hell-bent on destroying humans with lots of very anime-inspired characters this looks to be a fun romp through this one will be a toughy for sure with a promising tutorial for beginners it might be worth a look I’ll let this one play out so you can concentrate on the mayhem for yourself

Rage in peace rage in peace is a darkly humored platformer about a man who’s trying his best not to be decapitated instead he wishes to die peacefully in his bed rather than get clobbered on the face by a ball and chain in that regard he sets out to return to home to satisfy his wish and avoiding deadly hazards at every step this loves to be a fun but sadistic adventure for sure I really like the art style which helps with the humor and just look in the gameplay here this looks like it’s gonna be a tough one too maybe along the lines of Super Meat Boy with death at every step I’m gonna let this one play out so you can see all of that before we get to our final choice

Now before we get to our final trailer consider subscribing to our channel for awesome Nintendo switch content reviews gameplays and features to end this episode we have an interesting trailer that was missing from my upcoming November Games vid that people were a little bummed about Ark survival evolved is a massive PC game with a huge player base is slowly making its way to different consoles and last on the list is the Nintendo switch a lot of people are excited about this one as you try to survive stranded on a mysterious island inhabited by prehistoric creatures I really like the trailer here mixing live action into the gameplay you can see the budget is impressive for this one and looking forward to giving this ambitious game a shot hopefully it’ll play smoothly enough on the switch but it is a worry as it’s not known for being the most optimized of games but we shall see

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